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Wata’ Rituals Performance by Body Ecology

Body Ecology is a performance ensemble that honors the creative, spiritual, scholarly and radical lived experiences of women of the African diaspora. Conceived after a Ebony’s performing activism course at Medgar Evers College, Body Ecology conceptualizes performance and learning experiences with communities to build a praxis of collective wellness and liberation.

Wata’ Rituals Performance/Workshop Water is an infinite life source. We are born into it. We are sustained by it. Internal, spiritual and political movement depends on it. Wata’ Rituals is a conceptual workshop/performance that explores the role of water in everyday life and its link to embodied performances of liberation and among black women throughout history.

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You are surrounded in love!:

Ruby Sales

Courtney Marshall

Ananda Leeke

Fabiola Sandoval

Lisa Factora-Borchers

Carlton Turner

Doris Davenport

Jaki Shelton Green

Larisha Stone

Wendi O’Neal

Amita Swadhin

Arielle Loren


    Hailing from Houston, TX, Ebony Noelle Golden is a cultural worker, conceptual performance artist, Cave Canem Fellow, and creative director of Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative, LLC. Betty’s Daughter Arts Collaborative is a cultural arts direct action group that inspires, enlivens, and incites justice and transformation of individuals and communities through creative healing arts and radical expressiveness. As creative director, Ebony leads and supports progressive change and artistic projects in Texas, the southeast, and east coast, primarily. Ebony’s work spans creative, academic, community organizing spheres and is rooted in a transformative praxis she developed called Cultural Arts Direct Action.

   Sydette Harry is a writer, singer, blogger, problem, NYC-born by way of the Guyana. Writing as Blackamazon she has started boycotts, wished some @$) would but she is most proud of making her fellow beautiful beautiful girls of every color feel not alone and thankful they have done the same for her by SPEAKing! She continues to blog at Having Read The Fine Print ( http://guyaneseterror.blogspot.com) theorize heavily, write the first play of Salt&Rice Productions , get a PHD as soon she gets a topic, and try to fall in love a little bit more every day.

    Mecca Meyers is in motion to speaking of herself in third-person, providing that she is now an entity of importance in the realm of The Universe. A performer and a lover of all things life, liberty and the pursuit of clarity, Mecca focuses [what mind she has] on Media for Social Change. The constant experimenter of self since her involvement in Theatre and Performing Arts since high school, Mecca appreciates building and filling in the holes for the sake of growth internally, externally and exponentially. Allow her inner sense to protect her innocence.

    Consistently redefining what it means to be a ‘Jersey Girl,’ director, educator, performer and writer Kelly Thomas was born and raised in the Garden State. A New York City resident for the past 5 years, Kelly has studied directing and acting at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Educational Theatre at NYU’s Steinhardt School with a minor in Africana Studies. As a citizen*artist and student of the global classroom, Kelly’s studies in theatre for liberation, the Black Atlantic, education policy, feminist theory, holistic health and hip-hop have taken her around the US and across the continents to the most nontraditional of settings.

   Jessica Valoris is a born doodler, poet, and self-experimenting visual and performing artist. Armed with a passion for words, music, and movement, Jessica embraces art as a way to explore our ancestral, cultural, and personal stories. A proud Black woman of Jewish heritage, Jessica is a community activist and educator, who co-founded Roots Rising and Chainless Voices, two organizations that combine youth and community empowerment with performing arts and entrepreneurship. She continues to collaborate with various individuals and organizations to build with others around creative, empowering, and healing endeavors. To see what Jessica is up to check out www.wix.com/javiseed/zebrawings.


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  1. So happy to support Body Ecology with a donation. Keep shining!

    May 12, 2011 at 11:29 pm

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